Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break

Over Spring Break Matt (my bro.) and Sarah and their 3 scrumptious kids (Mackenzie, Macy, and Noah) came to hang out for a couple days. First day we hit the city and got to do some touristy stuff. Here's all the kids on a trolley and then we headed to Pier 39 to check out the sea lions and ride the carousel. Then we stopped in Tiburon and had dinner at Tiburon Grill, which is one of the restaurants in Nate's company.... soooo good!! We had such a good time with them and wished they could've stayed all week!!

Look at Mr. Blue Eyes.... what a babe!

I'm posting this against my better judgement. haha Sarah and I joke that we've yet to take a good picture together.

Even the boys got to go on a "date".
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Aubree said...

First of all ya'll look gorgeous. And second of all I LOVE Sarah's hair! Did she get a new stylist or what? Whatever it was, it is sooooo flippin cute and she should stick with it. Hot Mama's

Mama Apes... said...

it so fun to see both of your cute families!! Wow they are growing up so much! And those BOYS bridget...You for sure in trouble in about 10 years from now!! LoL!
For sure hot Mama's!