Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jonah and the Whale Cake

How could I not make a "Jonah and the Whale" cake for his first birthday!? For Jack's 1st I had made a "Jack in the Box" cake, so I thought it would be funny to continue a "first name" theme. Yes, that is Jonah in the mouth of the whale. I laminated a small picture of him, and it worked out perfectly. I was pretty nervous, but ended up being happy with the results. And as you can tell, Jonah dug right it. We had a small celebration as a family and no one was more excited than Jack. His teachers at school told me after that Jack had been talking about Jonah's birthday for weeks! ha, ha What a supportive brother.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby, No More!

***WARNING -- There is a bit of gushing in here, so you might want to refrain if that sort of thing involuntarily makes your eyes roll!***
I seriously feel like in the past month or so, Jonah has transformed into this little boy! Where did my baby go??? He's about 11 1/2 months here and it's truly hard to believe that almost a full year has gone by since this sweet kid came into our lives. He absolutely idolizes Jack and Jack has completely exceeded my expectations as the older brother, always so nurturing and protective of Jonah. Just a few milestones to report: Jonah is in the process of getting his 16th tooth, yes you read that right! He is our little shark, boy am I glad the whole nursing thing is behind us! He's also been walking along all the furniture and this month took his first wobbly steps all on his own. He definitely knows mama, and dada, and uses them quite frequently, but just the other day we heard him call for Jack, it sounded more like ACK! It was very cute, and Jack was SOOO excited. We love you bubs, and thank Heavenly Father every day that your a part of our family.
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Mother's Day

Here's a picture of me and my boys on Mother's Day. It was such a nice day for me, and I have to admit that ALL my boys did such a great job spoiling me. I awoke to breakfast, presents (including 3 variety of gossip mag's - awe yah!)and flowers. Although I tried to enjoy it all, I had to teach R.S. that day (anyone who's been there know's what I'm talking about!), so I fully couldn't relax and enjoy until that afternoon, but it was sooo worth the wait. Then to top it off, chef Nate made some BBQ ribs for dinner that were so grub! I feel like a lucky woman to be surrounded by so much love!
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