Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocky Seashore!

Last weekend we went on a family field trip with Jack's class to the Rocky Seashore. I kept calling it the beach (because it was) but learned quickly that it had only one name, "The Rocky Seashore". So I gave in, but insisted that it be pronounced with an Australian accent (the Wiggles influence, in case you were wondering). The Rocky Seashore was indeed very cool! And the kids of course knew exactly what everything was called while the parents were like, "That's a what?". In this first picture Jack is standing in front of a wall of mussels.

There were all kinds of starfish all over this beach, oops I mean Rocky Seashore.

If you look really, really, REALLY close, you can see a hermit crab in Jack hand.

These are sea anemones. They look like a bunch of rocks, but are all soft and squishy when you touch them. And when you squeezed them hard enough it would squirt water at you. The kids were lovin' that.
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Jonna said...

Way fun! What a field trip. Where is "The Rocky Seashore" at? Next time we're in the bay area, I want to go!!

Ann said...

What a fun adventure for the kids (and parents). Jack looks totally enthralled.

Aubree said...

Happy Easter Mama.....or however they say that in Australia :0) Love all the pics. I am sure Jack was in HEAVEN. How fun. Love you and I'll call ya tomorrow.