Monday, November 17, 2008

L.A. for the Weekend

We spent last weekend with Matt (my brother) and Sarah (my b.f.f.) and their three kids. On this day we took the kids to Downtown Disney and had fun just walking around to all the shops and eating at Rainforest Cafe. It was so fun to get away and especially to hang out with them! I still can't believe that between Sarah and I we now have 5 kids, crazy!
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Whad up Cuz...

Awe, look at these two. When I figured out that Noah and Jonah had the same pajama's I knew there had to be a photo shoot! Noah is 10 months old and Jonah is 5 months old here, and apparently they're both going to be drummers when they grow up.
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Ok, I know Halloween is SO over but...

Yes my friends, I am finally updating!! I would apologize for taking so dang long, but if you know me at all you know that procrastination is my middle name. So here we go... Jack was an, oh so proud, Optimus Prime (from Transformers, for all you without boys). He felt very tough in the costume and didn't look as skinny either, so it was good by me. =) Jonah was our little lion, but didn't necessarily like his costume as much because all those little mane whispies kept getting in his mouth. We had a fun halloween.
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