Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Happy State

We have definitely learned that if you want to see this boy happy.... just take his clothes off. As a matter a fact, I think Jonah waits all day long for those moments when I'm changing his clothes and diaper at the same time so he can try to escape and go play in the buff! Which is exactly what happened on this night. I couldn't help but make it a photo opp because it was seriously the happiest I'd seen him all day long! I heard it's hereditary but... no comment.
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Tober Family said...

Such a cute guy!! So is what your saying is he learned by example.

Tanner Nudist Colony (I ain't coming to visit)

Anonymous said...

Haha, all I am thinking about now is Vegas! Jill was a little freaked. LOVE it and I wanna squish those buns

Mark and Niki said...

Oh yeah baby what boy doesn't love to be naked!!! He just looks so freaking cute.